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China Medical braces manufacturer at CMEF 2021
May 18,2021

China Ineternational medical equipment fair 2021, we are here. As a professional manafacturer of orthopedic rehabilitation products,we always go to CMEF every year.

With the popularization of medical rehabilitation devices and the development of orthosis technology, all kinds of orthopedic rehabilitation braces have been developed and applied. In recent years, orthopedic braces and orthosis has been gradually used in the rehabilitation of paraplegia, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, bone and joint injury. Auxiliary fixed orthosis is a kind of medical rehabilitation instrument. Its purpose is to prevent or correct the deformity of limbs and trunk, or to treat bone joint and neuromuscular diseases and compensate its function. There are three types of medical auxiliary fixed braces or orhosis: upper limb orthoses, lower limb orthoses and spinal orthoses. Upper limb braces are divided into shoulder brace , arm sling, elbow brace, thumb splint or thumb orthosis,  wrist hand orthoses, finger splints etc. Lower limb orthoses include hip knee ankle foot orthoses, knee orthoses, knee ankle foot orthoses, ankle foot orthoses, foot orthoses,ankle walkers. Spinal orthosis, also called Spine orthoses, neck orthoses, thoracolumbar sacral orthoses, and lumbosacral orthoses. Spinal orthosis is mainly used to fix and protect the spine, correct the abnormal mechanical relationship of the spine, reduce the local pain of the trunk, protect the lesion from further damage, support paralyzed muscles, and prevent and correct deformities. It mainly includes head neck thoracic orthosis, cervicothoracic orthosis, scoliosis orthosis, thoracolumbar orthosis, lumbosacral orthosis, cervical brace, etc.

Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD focuses on the research, development and production of orthotic rehabilitation braces, external fixation brace and medical orthosis. For more information, please pay attention to www.huakangortho.com. Welcome to contact us.

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