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Medical braces for Adult and padiatric
  • Q1: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

  • A: A: Xiamen huakang Orthopedic CO LTD FDA&CE approved manufacturer specialized in all kinds of braces.OEM & ODM service are available. Our products includes ankle braces, night splints, knee supports, back supports, warker braces, wrist braces, elbow brace, arm slings, cervical collars, hip abduction ,finger splints and more for all parts of body.
  • Q2: What is your delivery date ?

  • A: Generally, the production time of the order is about 45 days. If you need the goods in a very urgent condition, we can arrange production in priority according to the workshop's order arrangement and deliver the goods in advance.
  • Q3:What is your payment terms ?

  • A: Payment terms: T/T 50% Payment with sales order; 50% Payment before shipment.
  • Q4: Do you offer free samples?

  • A: It depends. We offer free samples for some low-valued products. But you need to pay the shipping cost.
  • Q5.What is MOQ requirement?

  • A: Each product has different MOQ requirement. If the quantity required by the customer is lower than the MOQ requirement, the unit price will be slightly increased. All products are subject to the specific price.
  • Q6. How to price?

  • A: This quotation is the FOB reference price. Please contact us according to your requirements. If it is the customer's own style, it is better to provide the physical sample so that we can calculate the accurate price. The figure can only estimate the approximate price. The final price is subject to the price confirmed by our order contract. The more you order, the better the price.
  • Q7. How to pack?

  • A: The single product is packed in Polybag, and durable cartons with good quality are selected to prevent transportation damage. Customized gift bags or color box are are borne by the customer.
  • Q8: How to conrol QUALITY

  • A: A. All the raw materials by IQC (Incoming Quality Control)before launch whole process into the process after the screening. B. Process each link in the process of IPQC (Input process quality control) patrol inspection. C. QC full inspection before packing into the next process packaging. D. OQC before shipment to do full inspection.
  • Q9: How to order? 

  • A: Please send us your purchase order by Email, or we can make you proforma invoice under your request.  We need to know the following information for your order before sending you PI.  1) Product information-Quantity, Specification(Size, Material, Technological if needed and Packing requirements etc.) 2) Delivery time required.  3) Shipping information-Company name, shipping address, Phone&Fax number.  4) Forwarder's contact details if there's any in China.

  • A: Our culture is to set up a long term, stable and win-win partnership ***Send Inquiry Email Feel free to send us the item code or website link on the inquiry email, we will reply to you as soon as possible. You will enjoy one to one service from our sales manager. ***Samples Product samples are available, and you need to pay for the sample cost and shipping fee. But we will return the sample cost in the first mass order. ***Confirm the Order We will send you the bank wire information after getting your confirmed orders. By T/T 30% Payment with sales order; 70% Payment before shipment. ***Producing Process We will update the proceeding information for you from time to time, so you could rest assure about your orders. ***Notify Booking Order will be finished on time. Once the order will be finished, I will send you the packing list and invoice and inform you of booking and making the balance payment. ***Shipping We could arrange delivery for you once receiving your balance payment and then mail the delivery notification to you in 3 working days after B/L issuing date .
  • Q11:What is an orthopedic brace?

  • A: Orthopedic braces are medical devices designed to address musculoskeletal issues; they are used to properly align, correct the position, support, stabilize, and protect certain parts of the body (particularly the muscles, joints, and bones) as they heal from injury or trauma.Also a device used to restrict or assist body movement. Back brace, a device limiting motion of the spine. Milwaukee brace, a kind of back brace used in the treatment of spinal curvatures.
  • Q12:What is the difference between a splint and a brace?

  • A: Braces provides supports to an injured limbs for an indefinate duration of time while the Splint is used in an emergency conditions to immobolize the injured body area. ... Conversely, Splints typically focus on bone fractures, but may also be used to help treat sprains.
  • Q13:What are foot braces for?

  • A: Foot Braces & Medical Foot Support Braces. ... From arch supports to plantar fasciitis night splints, supports for drop foot, diabetes, bunion splints, compression sleeves, and walking braces, we have the solution to bring your foot injury to recovery.
  • Q14:What are leg braces used for?

  • A: Rehabilitation braces are used to limit the movement of the knee in both medial and lateral directions- these braces often have an adjustable range of motion stop potential for limiting flexion and extension following ACL reconstruction. They are primarily used after injury or surgery to immobilize the leg.
  • Q15:Is a cast better than a splint?

  • A: A cast is not always better than a splint. They both do a good job of immobilizing a broken bone or an injured area. ... If there is swelling, a splint is a better option because it allows a bit of breathing room. We can adjust the splint if swelling in the area increases or decreases.
  • Q16:What does an AFO brace do?

  • A: An ankle-foot orthosis, or AFO, is a support intended to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities. AFOs can be used to support weak limbs, or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position.
  • Q17:What kind of brace is good for plantar fasciitis?

  • A: Rest, ice and a plantar fasciitis wrap can help speed up the healing process. Aircast WALKING  BOOT makes great braces to treat plantar fasciitis. One of the braces to treat plantar fasciitis is the Aircast Airheel. The Airheel employs an effective method to treat heel pain from plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis.
  • Q18:What injuries require a WALKER boot?

  • A: Walking boots are commonly recommended following ankle, foot and lower leg injuries. Injuries that can utilise a walking boot include ankle, foot and shin (tibia or fibula) fractures, ankle sprains, achilles injuries or calf muscle tears.
  • Q19:Can you wear a walking boot on either foot?

  • A: The high-top is typically used for an ankle or calf injury, while the low-top is generally worn for heel or top of foot injuries. ... They also are available to be used for eitherthe right or left foot. All walking boots come with straps that use Velcro to hold theboot in place.
  • Q20:Do you sleep in walking boot?

  • A: It is advised to sleep with one's walking boot on but with the straps loosened for optimal comfort. A helpful tip when sleeping with one's boot on is to surround the leg with pillows to make sure the injured foot is supported. This will also make it unlikely for one to displace their foot, leading to further injury.
  • Q21:Do knee braces really work?

  • A: Knee braces are the least important part of preventing knee injuries or healing after an injury. Good strength and flexibility are much more important. ... Researchers are trying to learn more about how well knee braces really work and when it's best to use them.
  • Q22:Is it okay to sleep with a knee brace on?

  • A: A general recommendation would be that you wear a brace or support during activity and for an hour or two afterwards. If you feel better wearing it longer, that is fine as well. However, we would not recommend wearing any brace or support while you sleep.
  • Q23:What is BACK BRACE?

  • A: Lower back brace, which supports your lumbar spine. ... Improper or poor posture often leads to both lower and upper back pain, and by correcting it, shoulder braces both relieve back pain and help actually solve or avoid the problem in the first place.
  • Q24:Is wearing a back support bad for you?

  • A: There are many back braces to choose from, choose carefully and look for good quality. Wearing the back brace can assist in healing, decrease the chance of further injury, help control pain, support weakened muscles, and promote good posture. It will not cure you, but will help on so many levels.
  • Q25:When should you use a lifting belt?

  • A: What Are Weight Lifting Belts For? A weightlifting belt is used to decrease the load on your lower back during heavy exercises. By pushing your abs against the powerlifting belt during heavy lifts, you can increase the stability of your lower back. In this way, you increase intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Q26:Is there a brace for shoulder pain?

  • A: The universal shoulder brace is designed to alleviate pain and discomfort in the shoulder area by providing support to the rotator cuff to improve stability. Made with 100% neoprene fabric and an extra-strength latching strap to ensure a comfortable, breathable fit that will not loosen during use.
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