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Welcome foreign customer visiting our company!
Jul 23,2019

As a manufacturer and distributor of medical braces, other orthotic devices and durable medical equipment,  welcome domestic and foreign friends to visit our company.

On the morning of  Jul 22.,2019, our foreign customer Vinny made a special trip to our company. Our general manager, sale manager and QC manager all together walmly received our foreign friend. Firstly we took him to visit our factory and then had a meeting at our meeting room. He was interested in our products, especially airliner cam walking boots, dorsal night splints, hinged knee brace, cervical collar, LSO back support,  thumb spica wrist splints and so on.  We provide the highest quality medical braces iand supports n the market at the best price points.   Other than our great service,  we boast a top quality research and development team. This enables us to keep  in the forefront of innovative, high quality products that are economically and customer friendly.

Care for A Healthy Life. Only keep healthy can it do a happy life.

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