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Weekly report-Pneumatic ROM walker brace
Jun 09,2023

We are talking about air ROAM walker boot this week. This walker boot is our hot-sale braces. This walking brace are available with tall or short frame.You can choose airliner walker or no airliner walker. Pneumatic walker brace can be comfortable and fitable for your ankle foot support. For limited angle, you can choose ROAM walker boot ,adjusting the angle as per your requirement.Of course, we have many other braces, such as ankle splint ,foot brace, knee supports and braces, hip abduction, spine support and back brace, hand splint wrist brace, elbow brace, shoulder brace arm sling, neck brace etc. Welcome to visiting our company-Xiamen Huakang Orthopedfic CO LTD.If you want to know more info,please enter www.huakangortho.com.

AIR walker boot for foot inquiry

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