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Weekly production plan and daily affairs meeting
Nov 11,2019

Control every procedure well,quality assurance and timely delivery.Xiamen Huakang Orthopetic CO LTD is a professional OEM and ODM  manufacturer in the field of orthotic products.We strive our best to provide responsive, reliable and value-added service of the highest order to most demanding and ever changing needs of our customers.

Again Monday morning is coming. Our general director as usually hosted weekly meeting for production schedule and other daily affairs with all deparmental managers and supervisor. New customers visiting will be one of this week's most import event. Alex and Lina from medical brace company in Greece will visit our company for two days this week. We knew them in CMEF last week and they were very interested all our products.For further cooperation, they will come to visit our company for deeper understanding.So all deparments must be ready for detailed arrangement to welcome new customers and especially samples preparation.

We will try our best give 100% service needed. Anything less is not good enough. By consistently going the extra mile, we have created successful campaigns that work and a loyal clientele. In this same manner, we hope to earn new customer confidence and continued business.

We look forward to meeting new customers.

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