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Team building of orthopedic brace manufacturer Longyan Branch
Oct 11,2021

Congratulations on the success of team building of Longyan factory which focuses on the R & D and production of class I medical devices, and thanks to the company for organizing team building activities, creating corporate culture and improving the combat ability of the United team. Employee relationship has increasingly become the focus of enterprise management. Good employee relationship is the basis for the tacit cooperation of the enterprise team, which willl improve work efficiency, and finally enable the enterprise to develop rapidly in the market. If the enterprise wants to improve the relationship between employees and reduce the internal friction between enterprise teams and between employees, it is a good choice to hold team building activities appropriately. This team building activity not only broke the working atmosphere of the enterprise, but also made all employees of the enterprise in a relaxed and pleasant state. In the relaxed environment of small games and dinner, employees better opened their hearts and hearts, enhanced the friendship between employee teams, laid the foundation for the joint work of the team in the future, and demonstrated that employees surpass themselves The good spirit of unity and hard work creates a positive corporate culture and reduces the threshold of communication between employees and leaders. This activity made employees understand the importance of establishing team cooperation and manual cooperation, communication mechanism, transposition thinking and leadership.

Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD is a professional manufacturer of orthopedic rehabilitation braces and supports in China, we can do OEM or ODM service , we have got ISO13485,FDA,CE,MDR certificate. Fujian Brace Medical CO LTD is our branch workshops in Longyan, Fujian. Our workshops mainly produce ankle braces, walker braces, knee braces, back braces, hip abduction, neck brace, wrist brace , hand splint, elbow brace, finger brace etc. More information about our company and inproductions ,please mail to sales1@huakangortho.com or enter our web www.huakangortho.com.

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