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Report for Telescope ROM Elbow braces with hand grip and quick lock
Mar 06,2021

Celebrate successful report for telescope elbow brace with palmar support! Orthopedic elbow device is a kind of external fixation brace. The main function of elbow protector device is to fix and support the elbow joint. The specifications are about 90 ° and 120 ° respectively. The elbow joint can be adjusted and fixed between 0 ° and 120 ° and the neck shoulder strap is comfortable. The handle can be increased according to the needs of patients. Simple and convenient, easy to operate, saving operation time. Elbow orthosis is suitable for elbow fracture, elbow contracture, low muscle strength, supracondylar fracture of humerus, olecranon fracture and radial head fracture, instability of elbow joint after reduction of elbow dislocation, and maintenance of functional position of other diseased limbs. The patient should take the standing or half sitting position, fix the elbow joint at 90 degrees of elbow flexion and abduction, and wear adjustable elbow support. After wearing, pull the strap to fit the tightness. When adjusting the scale, the lower pointer should be adjusted to 0 degree, and the upper pointer should be adjusted to the corresponding scale. The use of adjustable elbow immobilizer is generally in the postoperative rehabilitation period. Please follow the doctor's advice.

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