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Rehabilitation Braces Exhibition at MEDICA 2024
May 24,2024

MEDICA is a cornerstone event in the healthcare industry, a large international medical shows, will be held in Dusseldorf, in [11-14 Nov 2024]. We ,Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD as a professional manufacturer of orthopedic rehabilitation braces and supports in China,will go for this exhibition .We will show all kinds of medical braces,such as Knee Orthosis / braces, Ankle Orthosis / braces,  Shoulder braces,Hand Orthosis / braces, Cervical Orthosis ,Lumbar support and Back brace etc.More information about Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD ,you can enter www.huakangortho.com .

MEDICA mainly includes various medical devices, instruments and equipment, medical biological microscopes, dental equipment, various drugs, preparations, diagnostic equipment for clinics, emergency and disaster management, hospital management systems and facilities, obstetrics and reproductive equipment, ear, nose and throat instruments and equipment, pathology and genetics, surgical equipment and surgical equipment, endoscopic equipment, ophthalmic comprehensive equipment, medical consumables, convertible drugs, medical sutures, anesthesia equipment and disposable consumables, surgical uniforms, various surgical consumables, diagnostic imaging equipment, chromatographic analyzers, diagnostic room analyzers, dialysis and transplantation surgery, medical suction machine systems, magnetic resonance imaging, testing equipment, blood transfusion system equipment, surgical equipment. Rehabilitation equipment and equipment, assistive tools for people with disabilities Ventilation system, architectural design, biomedical and surgical, and morgue equipment. Trauma, orthopedics, rehabilitation diagnosis and therapy equipment, sports medicine, regenerative medicine, cosmetic medicine, plastic surgery technology, dermatology; New: Hot Springs and Health, Spa sanatorium, clinic, hospital, medical tourism, etc.

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