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Get great achievement at Medica 2019
Dec 03,2019

Medica showed lots of medical products from NOV 18 to NOV 21.,2019.

Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD is a professional manufacturer, supplier , wholesalers and exporter of orthopedic rehabilitation and orthotic devices products.We showed lots of our products  including ankle braces, night splints, knee braces/supports, back braces/supports, walking boot braces, elbow brace, wrist brace, hip abduction, arm slings, cervical collars and so on.Many customers liked our products and contacted with us after Medica.

Anyway, welcome to contact us www.huakangortho.com or sales1@huakangortho.com.

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orthopedic lower upper limbs braces

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