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Elastic lumbar support back brace
Sep 01,2023

Elastic waistband lumbar support has a compression and support effect on the waist, and can assist in treating various chronic diseases of the human body, such as lumbar muscle strain and cervical spondylosis.

1. Pressurization

The elastic waist belt is tightly attached to the waist, which can exert pressure on the waist muscles and balance the force of the movement. To a certain extent, it can help improve muscle strength while reducing the occurrence of swelling.

2. Support

Back Belt protectors are usually relatively hard, so wearing them during exercise can provide some support to the waist, thereby reducing muscle stimulation. Therefore, waist belt can to some extent protect the waist from sprains.

3. Assist in the recovery of the condition

For patients with early mild lumbar disc herniation, a waist belt lumbar support can help alleviate the pressure caused by lumbar disc herniation, while also protecting the patient's waist muscles. However, patients should not overly rely on lumbar protection during the process of lumbar recovery, otherwise it may cause lumbar muscle atrophy and worsen the instability of the lumbar spine.

In addition, when using the protective back belt, patients need to place the belt behind their waist, then tighten the buttons at both ends and the secondary belt buckle, and adjust the left and right to a comfortable position. It should be noted that the belt needs to be removed during sleep to fall asleep.

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