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Donation of masks and face shields
Aug 31,2022

Ma Yun once said that "when an enterprise becomes bigger, it shoulders the mission entrusted by the society." After obtaining certain social achievements, entrepreneurs tend to do public welfare undertakings. For the needs of society, the enterprise is the product needed for production. It is the original intention of the enterprise and entrepreneurs to obtain the recognition of consumers, the market and the society through the products. After meeting the basic work functions, the enterprise hopes to further obtain the recognition of the market and the social masses through some charitable means and public welfare activities, reflect the value of the enterprise itself, and enhance the affinity between the enterprise and the people, The mutual benefit between the two sides is also an important manifestation of helping enterprises to develop steadily in the constantly shaking social economy. Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic Co.,Ltd is such a conscientious enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. It donated a batch of masks and masks and other epidemic prevention materials through the Xiamen Red Cross Society.

Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD is a professional manufacturer of medical rehabilitation products and equipements in China and mainly export to USA, Europe etc . Our products include ankle foot braces, knee braces, leg braces, hip abduction, back brace spine support, TLSO braces, cervical collar, shoulder brace arm sling, elbow brace hand splint, wrist brace thumb spica,finger splint etc. Another, We still export disposable medical face mask,kn95 mask, medical face shield, medical protective isolation gown, medical safety goggles etc.  If you want more information,please enter www.huakangortho.com.

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