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Branch Workshop -Fujian Brace Medical CO LTD
Jul 07,2021

As OEM manufacturer of orthopedic rehabilitation brace,Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic CO LTD have good products with high quality and quick delivery date.Now Branch workshop Fujian Brace Medical CO LTD have bulit and start to work.

Our products include Upper limb braces and rothosis ,Lower limb braces and orthosis ,Spinal braces back support,Cervical collar etc. Lower extremity bracing include foot brace, ankle guantlet, SMOs (Supra-malleolar braces and supports), Wheaton braces and supports, AFO(Ankle Foot braces and supports) ,Hip Abduction braces and supports, Stance Control braces and supports,Functional Knee braces and supports,WALKER braces and supports ETC.Upper extremity bracing include Hand / Wrist Splints thumb spica, humeral fracture bracing, elbow braces and supports, positional braces and supports posture corrector, shoulder braces and supports arm sling , finger splint etc.More information you can see our website www.huakangortho.com.

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